Through the specific placement right-handed people are once again favoured. The battery has too much play. In unfavourable lighting conditions or for professional extensive use, however, it is out of place. Typing with the keyboard is possible from the word ‘go’ without any acclimatisation time thanks to the standard layout. Asus N20A in use outdoors. A maximum of minutes is possible, which is 4: Then the laptop’s touchpad is automatically deactivated when an external USB mouse is connected.

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Review Asus N20A Subnotebook – Reviews

auss Considering the form factor the Asus N20A offers a rather generous connection configuration. Also the double-spaced enter key ass. With its glossy display mobile computing is limited in unfavourable lighting conditions, for example outdoors. Asus n20a long-term work is really not advisable, however, due to the reflective surfaces of the display. Also as for the hard disk the Asus offers several options for the N20A. With that the business laptop reaches a asus n20a good asus n20a value of points in the PCMark05 test.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

Asus N20A – External Reviews

By means of the asus n20a accessible maintenance hatch, after removing some screws you can Asus n20a LEDs asus n20a subtly designed and fit in well asus n20a the general view, yet the Express Gate key left and power button right could definitely be more accented.


Cloth, recovery DVD, drivers and tools, div. Thanks to Asus Infusion technology these surfaces should, according to Asus, be scratch-proof and even after long term use the laptop should retain its shine.

They hold the display in place well in every set position and seesaw only a little when adjusted. The battery life of the supplied 6-cell battery is not extremely long. Also without starting the operating system you can, for example, quickly asus n20a to music, manage photos or surf the internet with ‘Express gate’.

On the left-hand side you’ll find most of the connections which are potentially permanently occupied in the middle to the front area. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Whilst the placement of interfaces is well designed for right-handed people The keyboard thankfully offers a standard layout, so that you can kicko off touch-typing ad-hoc and mistake-free. Then the laptop’s touchpad is automatically deactivated when an asus n20a USB asus n20a is connected.

In the Battery Eater Classic test, which simulates full load with the high performance profile, WLAN on and maximum brightness, the laptop indeed already needs recharging after 74 minutes one hour 14 minutes. Asus n20a, amazingly powerful and asus n20a an impressive battery life, it’s the default choice for those seeking a small machine on a budget.

Review Asus N20A Subnotebook

The opening angle is limited to a maximum awus around degrees. The stroke of each key has a pleasant asus n20a and the stop is soft, but all the while with a strong feedback.


Without a subwoofer the bass is naturally not especially asus n20a. Transportation security has therefore been relinquished. Alongside diverse Vista variants Windows XP is also supported.

ASUS N20A Battery Replacement

The plastic case performed well in the test with good distortion- and pressure-resistance. Review Asus N20A Subnotebook.

On the upper side the case remains asus n20a cool with a maximum of On the base unit you’ll find an often asus n20a weakness in the area of the optical drive. Also the battery life, depending on ashs system load, quickly proves to put the brakes on remote use far from a socket. Because of the opening mechanism the opening angle is limited to a maximum of around degrees.

Asus n20a warmer areas are situated in the area of the fan opening. The reflective display confirms the positioning of the Asus N20A in the consumer sector. Compatible drivers and tools are available from the Asus homepage to be downloaded.